At this time we ARE accepting new clients for daycare and overnight boarding, however all potential boarding clients are required to come in for a trial day of daycare before staying with us.  This trial day must be booked with a couple weeks advance notice, so we do not have availability to accommodate overnight requests for last minute new clients.

If you are a new client and you need boarding within a month of today’s date or over a school vacation week or holiday, please reach out to us via phone to check kennel availability before filling out forms, as we may not have space available.

Also at this time we are NOT accepting new clients for grooming!

Thank you for understanding!

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Note: If you are an existing user who forgot your credentials please contact us by phone.
If you are unsure if you have an existing account please contact us by phone.
Please DO NOT create a new account!

If you are a new client please carefully read the following, as many common questions can be answered here

Here at Buddy’s all of our dogs – boarding and daycare – are placed in a group setting so they must be in good health and get along well with other dogs. We do not have individual runs to keep them by themselves. All boarding dogs are in size appropriate crates overnight.

Please note that Buddy’s does NOT accept any of the following:

-Dogs that have a history of aggression towards other dogs OR people

-Puppies under 12 weeks of age

-Male dogs over the age of 8 months that are not neutered

-Female dogs over 6 months of age that are not spayed

-Dogs with severe medical conditions

-Elderly dogs that are not in good health (must be able to climb stairs)

-Dogs that cannot be kenneled/crated or dogs with severe separation anxiety. We do NOT have an overnight staff.

– All dogs are required to be up to date on rabies, distemper and bordetella (kennel cough) vaccinations – we require proof of these vaccinations prior to the first visit and require you to continue to bring paperwork in as it is updated through the dogs life. We do not have a preference on which kennel cough vaccination your dog receives, as long as it is up to date.

– We require all new dogs to come in for a trial day of daycare before staying with us overnight (no exceptions). The trial consists of a free full day of daycare so we can get to know your dog and your dog can get to know us! We offer trial days Monday-Thursday. We are typically booked out 1-2 weeks in advance for trial days, so for this reason we typically cannot accommodate last minute boarding requests for new clients.

Before calling to schedule a trial day, please complete the online registration form (we cannot book anything if your dog is not in our system). The registration form is three parts: first is your information, second is signing BOTH waiver forms, and third is entering your dog under your account. We will need proof of vaccinations to be sent over BEFORE the trial day so we can ensure all necessary paperwork is in order. Paperwork can uploaded under “file uploads” in the owner portal. Photos, screenshots or scans of the vet paper work are acceptable as long as it’s legible. If you do not have a copy of your dogs vaccinations, please reach out to your vet’s office and have them send it over to us via email at [email protected]

Please note that when using the online portal the boarding and grooming request option does not reflect actual availability. Any boarding requests put in before a trial day will be marked as “waiting list” pending the trial day. It will hold a spot for your dog, however if your dog does not pass the trial day we CANNOT take them for boarding. Any grooming requests that are put in will receive a text message confirming the appointment.

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