Pickup and Drop Off – Buddy’s Doggie Daycare

In addition to caring for your canine friend, Buddy’s Doggie Day Care also offers several other services; including a convenient pet pickup and drop off service for all of your dog’s transportation needs. In essence, our doggie bus service allows you to tend to other things while your doggie goes to and from – in comfort.

Pets can be as busy as any person, which is why we our services have been built around all of your doggie’s arrival and departure needs:

  • Transporting to Daycare or Boarding We know that sometimes dog parents are not able to arrange pet drop-offs or pick-ups, so we offer this service for all dogs that are enrolled in daycare or boarding with us.
  • Transportation for Dog Grooming – When it’s that time for your dog to get his or her well needed grooming, we can pick up and drop off your dog to our facilities. Once the grooming services are completed, we can drop off your dog at home or any other place within our service zone.

Special Dog Boarding Departure and Arrival Needs


If you have a transportation need that is not listed here, don’t hesitate to inquire as to whether we can meet your needs. Our service are designed to give doggie parent’s a great deal of flexibility in accessing this service for a variety of transportation requests.

Like all the other services provided by Buddy’s Doggie Daycare, we are committed to ensuring the safety and well-being of your pet dog. Likewise, we only utilize professionally staffed members for our pick up and drop off services, who are able to cater to any and all needs of your dog while in our care. Additionally, our drivers are licensed and insured and are cognizant of the importance of obeying all road and traffic laws.

Doggie Day Care Transport Vehicles


Our doggie transport vehicles are an extension of our brick and mortar facilities. We want your furry pet to travel in comfort and in an environment that is both safe and friendly for animals. Our fleet is insured and well-maintained on a regular basis to ensure the best performance at all times. Our commitment is to provide the best pet care transportation to exceed your expectations and get your pet to their destination and back safely.

Our doggie transport vans are designed to comfortably seat all breeds and sized dogs. Each vehicle is retrofitted to ensure comfortable travel for your pet and also includes features that will allow for ease of entry and exit for the animal. We know that many will use this service for convenience, but there are many dog families who must use this service due to the special physical needs of their pets. Both our staff and fleet is equipped with the ability to transport dogs with special needs.

We are open to any questions you might have in relation to this and any of our services. Call a representative today and let’s talk about how we can provide a high quality service at a price you can afford.