Grooming – Buddy’s Doggie Day Care

At Buddy’s Doggie Day Care, our mission is to offer the most comprehensive selection of quality grooming services for your canine friend’s needs. All dogs require grooming from time to time and just like humans, they also enjoy the luxury of being pampered.

The Buddy’s Doggie Day Care staff knows that you want your pet to look and feel their best; which is why our spa services include hair styling, along with several other hair and skin treatment options. The canine clients of Buddy’s Doggie Care Day Care enjoy the following suite of dog grooming services:

  • Bathing and Brushing Your Pet – Select from a number of bathing packages that will not only leave your dog clean, but will also keep you and your family happy and healthy.Grooming- Bathing and Brushing Your Pet
  • Canine Haircuts – We offer the quality hair care solutions to reduce shedding and enhance your pet’s overall appearance.
  • Doggie Teeth Brushing – Improve your dog’s breath and dental care with our canine teeth brushing service. We know you will see a big difference in your pet’s oral hygiene.
  • Paw and Nail Care – Reduce harm to you or your surroundings by getting Woofy the pedicure he needs. Do it often enough and may be able to say goodbye to scratched furniture for good!
  • Facial and Ear Care Services for Canines – No canine spa service is complete without a good old fashioned ear and face treatment. Ask how we can improve your dog’s ear and facial presentation.
  • Canine Hair and Skin Treatment – We offer a variety of treatment solutions to address shedding, dry skin, and odor issues.

But grooming is not just about looking good, regular grooming at Buddy’s Doggie Day Care can help to prevent numerous problems:

  • Doggie Skin Infections – Ungroomed nails can lead to pain and possibly infection if the long nail grows into the skin.
  • Ear Problems in Dogs – Ear care services not only improve the appearance of your pet’s ears but can also identify potential health problems.  In fact, veterinarians recommend regular ear checks to prevent complications or infections.
  • Fleas, Ticks and Mites – Grooming removes dead hair on your dog, which eliminates a favorite hiding place for bacteria, mites, fleas, or ticks – ultimately improving your dog’s overall health.

The bottom line is that we invest both time and money into making sure that your canine friend looks and feels good. Additionally, we utilize equipment that is produces only the most ideal results, while making sure that no harm comes to your pet. If our four legged clients could talk, we’re sure they’d express their delight with our service. But since dogs aren’t fluent in English, we gladly settle for a wagging tail instead!

At Buddy’s Doggie Day Care, we never take for granted the need to always inform our staff of new techniques, products and procedure in grooming care. We share in your desire to expose your pet to the best there is to offer and our staff is experienced and trained in providing grooming services that is within industry standards.

Our high quality service is coupled with the most affordable rates in the market. Our rates are designed to give you value for money. We know that you can never put a price on your beloved pet, but the prices we have at Buddy Doggie Day Care will never break the bank. Enjoy packages that incorporate multiple grooming services to provide variety, but will save you lots of money.

So head on over to Buddy’s Doggie Day Care and rest assured that your dog is in the best place for grooming and spa services.