Doggie Daycare – Buddy’s Doggie Day Care

We know that as a proud canine parent, leaving your furry companion in the care if someone else can be emotionally challenging. At Buddy’s Doggie Day care, we know that your dog is part of the family. That’s why, we take the responsibility of providing daytime care to your pet seriously. In fact, our doggie daycare services are specifically designed to give you peace of mind, along with the convenience that matches your busy schedule.12510423_540389012793196_6746371470962592563_n

Our Dog Daycare Facilities

The facilities at Buddy’s Doggie Day Care are meant to provide your pet with ample space in a fully-equipped climate controlled play area. The safety of your pet is always at the top of our minds. Indeed, it is this philosophy that has guided us to assemble a team of experienced and well-trained dog care professionals to help facilitate a well-supervised environment.

At Buddy’s Doggie Day Care, we cater to dogs of all breeds, sizes, and temperaments. To guarantee your dog’s comfort, we group dogs according to their size and overall behavior. Our dog day care staff members are trained to identify canine body language so that they’re in a position to prevent any issues associated with aggressive behavior.

Why Buddy’s Doggie Day Care

Our mission is to ensure your dog’s happiness, which is why our schedule is conducive to playful socialization. And in the midst of it all, your pet will be fed, enjoy naptime, and be catered to by our dog-loving staff.

There are many reasons dog parents trust us with their pets. At the top of the list is that our love of dogs is evident in all that we do. However, that’s not the only reason. Why? Because doggie day care isn’t just about leaving your dog in someone else’s care for a few hours, it’s a lot more than that. For example, here are several benefits that come from this type of exposure:


●      Contributes to Better Behaved Pets – Dogs respond to different situations base on their overall training and socialization. Being in a daycare facility, such as the one we operate here at Buddy’s Doggie Day Care can train your dog to recognize and adapt various behavior patterns in other dogs or even humans.
●      Improved Fitness for Your Dog- Obesity in pets is a major concern in the dog community, with statistics showing that an alarming 53% of dogs living in the United States are overweight. All dogs need regular physical activity to maintain good health and a safe weight. Choosing to take your dog to a daycare, as opposed to just leaving him or her at home fosters more physical activity, which can significantly reduce obesity.
●      Provides Structure – Being in our doggie day care can help your dog with destructive behaviors that they may exhibit at home. Just like children, dogs learn from others and will adapt well to routines and schedules.

Finally, at Buddy’s Doggie Day Care, our rates are highly competitive. We are committed to giving you the best at an affordable rate. Call and speak with one of our dog professionals today and see just how easy it is for us to meet your daycare needs, without putting a hole in your pocket.